Monday, December 16, 2013

They are Eco Friendly To Boot!

For those that care about the environment, finding eco friendly fashion can be hard enough but finding shoes that look great and have been made with a minimal impact on the environment can be virtually impossible. There some great eco friendly choices out there though and I was delighted to discover that Jones Bootmaker are helping to make some of these sustainable shoe brands a little more accessible by stocking them online and in their high street shops (for those that really prefer to try before they buy).

Some of the eco friendly brands to check out include ...

Timberland - this brand is well known for its iconic yellow boots but the Timberland footwear collections go well beyond this signature style. From smart work shoes to more rugged outdoor styles, Timberland have something to suit most occasions. Their ladies knee high boots are the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe and look great with skirts or skinny jeans. The Timberland Earthkeepers  range reprensents there most eco friendly options with shoes made from recycled materials and leather from silver (or better) rated tanneries. They are also a transparent company that measures progress against a number of social and environmental parameters and publishes the results. 

Pikolinos are another shoe brand with a strong committment to environmental conservation through innovative design. Pikolinos shoe include shoes, loafers and boots that have been created with great attention to detail. For their 2013 collection Pikolinos teamed up with the Maasai Project in which more than 1.600 Masaai women hand embroidered leather sent from Spain to be made into shoes and bags.The Ambassador for the project is Olivia Palermo.
Last but not least many of us will know of Clarks shoes from our childhood. They have over the years become a brand name which over the years has becom synonomous with comfortable shoes that are made to last. Buying shoes that will stand the test of time is always the most sustainable option but Clarks are also committed to sustainable and ethical production. Clarks do not use leather from cattle that are raised in the Amazon Biome and so help to fight deforestation in this area. They also support one of the biggest footwear recycling schemes in the UK and support the charity Soul Of Africa, which helps orphans affected by aids.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sparkly Christmas Present Ideas

I can't resist a bit of sparkle especially at Christmas. I always try and find something beautiful and sparkly for my female family and friends that looks amazing and shows how much I care. Here are just a few of my gift ideas for this Christmas.

A sparkling bracelet will draw attention to the hands and high light a lovely manicure. This pretty bracelet will go with any coloured outfit but would look especially stunning with black. 

Diamond pendants make lovely gifts as they can be worn with all sorts of different outfits. A necklace adds just the right amount of glamour to a little black dress for an evening out but looks equally stunning when worn with a blouse for the daytime.

These diamond studs are another classic piece of jewellery that will look especially good on friends with short hairstyles or those that like wearing their hair up. They are subtle enough not to look OTT but sparkly enough to get noticed.

These pieces all feature Anjolee Diamonds which are guaranteed to not be treated, enhanced or lab created. They are also conflict free. Each piece of jewellery also has its own certificate of authenticity.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What’s your Style? My Style is...

Eco-fashion search engine asks people to share their style tips

Newly established eco-fashion search engine style is... ( recently launched a feel-good campaign on YouTube.

After asking people at London Fashion Week about their style and why fashion makes us feel so good, the team behind Style is started a new trend online gathering incredible consents throughout the fashion world.

Founded by fashion blogger and marketing consultant Ceri Heathcote, style is... features thousands of fashion collections from over a hundred sustainable brands in the UK.

Inspiring people to shop with a conscience, style is...  informs buyers about more ethical fashion options whilst making them feel good about their fashion choices.

Ranging from extremely luxurious to surprisingly affordable, style is... collections represent the perfect, ethical alternative to high street clothes.

Joining the ‘What’s Your Style’ campaign couldn’t be easier. If you’re a blogger, online writer or editor, all you have to do is watch the video on YouTube and answer our questions: What’s Your Style & Why does fashion make you feel good?

Your answer could be ‘shaped’ as a blog post or video. Just make sure you link back to the video and site ( so we will know about your contribution and promote your work on our social networks.

The best answer will be selected to win a fabulous pair of TOMS shoes up to value of £42 as featured on style is…so what are you waiting for? (prize only available to UK residents)

For further details visit style is...

What’s your Style? My Style is...

Friday, October 25, 2013

From Soldier to Soldier Bracelets

From Soldier to Soldier bracelets are a great way to support the Help for Heroes Charity and also to show your support for those in the armed forces. Not only do these stylish bracelets make a fashion statement, they also make a very important statement of support for the commitment and bravery shown by our armed forces when they are fighting around the the world. 15% of each bracelet sale goes towards Help for Heroes which is an important charity helping those that have been injured in recent conflicts. Help for Heroes gives practical support to enable those with life changing injuries to reach their full potential. The charity provides direct support for individuals as well as recovery and rehabilitation centres and the Battle Back programme which provides adventure training to help injured military personel to gain independance and confidence through adventure training.

The From Soldier to Soldier bracelets have an interesting story behind them. They are inspired by the survival bracelets that were made of parachute cord and worn by those in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a difficult situation the cord could be unravelled and used for a variety of purposes. They also often had a military attached and were swapped as friendship bracelets which inspired the gold or silver plated locks in the From Soldier to Soldier bracelets. You can find a great selection of From Soldier to Soldier bracelets at Joshua James Jewellery. We think they would make great birthday or Christmas pressies.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's Your Style?

Loving this video for which asks the questions why fashion? and what is your style? definitely some great questions to ask to get everyone thinking about fashion and style. What do you you think?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Choose Heels to Suit You

OK, you’ve made the decision. This season, you are no longer going to be content with your flat ballet pumps. The flip flops you’ve been carting around for the last three months have got to go. Those flat leather boots you loved last winter are going to be reserved for emergencies only. Autumn 2013 is all about the heel.

That’s right, ladies. The heel is back with a vengeance and is taking no prisoners. If you like your feet squeezed into tight spaces, wrapped in leather and cuffed, then the shoes out there are bound to please. Whether you’re an animal sweater and jeans type of girl, a dark floral print wearer or even a red midi dress fashionista, there is a pair of thrilling heels out there to suit you. Granted, when faced with such a sumptuous array of high heel shoes, it can be hard to know which to choose. So, we’ve put together a little guide to help you make your mind up. Enjoy!

  1. Taller Ladies

I am with you on this particular conundrum. Being 5’ 10’’, I don’t always find wearing heels a particularly enjoyable experience. Particularly when my friends set me up on blind dates! However, the main thing is to not focus on feeling self-conscious when you’re in your heels, but rather to show off your long, lovely legs. The great things is, as you’re so tall, you can choose styles that other people might think would make their legs look shorter and still look good. So be daring. Try ankle straps, cut out shoe boots, platform wedges and vamp lace up shoe boots.

  1. Shorter Ladies

Whilst wearing high heels may well have been your failsafe option for feeling super confident on a night out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you love them. Instead of opting for the tallest heels you can find, how about choosing heels that elongate your legs and which make you stand taller and more confidently. I’m talking court shoes, knee boots, wedges, peep toe heels and even embellished patents. Avoid shoes which cut you off at the ankle, as these will make your legs appear shorter than they are. Do bear in mind that there are other ways of enhancing your height, by wearing particular colours and patterns.

  1. Those Just Not Used to Wearing Heels

Again, I fall into this category and I can completely empathise with anyone not keen on putting on their dancing shoes once more. A word to the wise – don’t just whack on a pair of 6 inch heels and expect to feel fine the next day. Break your feet in gently by starting off with 2 or 3 inch heels. You’ll soon find you’re getting used to wearing them again. Why not try a platform or wedge heel, both of which are in fashion this season, as a neat way to wean yourself off the flats and back onto the dizzying highs?

Whichever category you fall into, with a little thought and research you should find yourself a pair of gorgeous heels to wear this season. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

How the right dancewear can improve your performance

Wearing the recommended dancewear is not a con to get you to spend money. When you are kitted out in dancewear that is specifically made for your type of dance, you can be confident in its range of movement and support.

Footwear for dance

Footwear is maybe the most important part of a dancer’s kit, with certain dance styles depending on specific types of shoe to enable the best performance. The obvious example is shoes for ballet, which are crafted to protect your feet while attempting some pretty impressive moves. When you are at a level where you are attempting standing on the tips of your toes – or en pointe – then you will also need a decent pair of pointe shoes.

Could you imagine doing tap without tap shoes? It would be a pretty quiet affair if you didn’t have a good pair that has the right acoustics.

There is also the issue of comfort. Dancing for hours on end in uncomfortable footwear is sure to impede your dancing performance, as well as not being very nice on your feet. If you are serious about dancing, you need to keep your entire body in amazing shape – from head to toe.


When it comes to your clothing, you should try not to follow the gym rule of wearing your oldest clothing to train in. Although this might work on a treadmill and the crosstrainer, this will not help when you are dancing.
Range of movement is one of the most important factors with your clothing choice, as you need the freedom to be able to push yourself further with each dance lesson. If you have a top that is restrictive in any way, or trousers that you get uncomfortably hot in, this will stop you fully enjoying your dancing.

When it comes to gymnastics, you must have a leotard that feels like a second skin. Whether you choose a sleeveless style or long sleeved, it is essential to get the right fit, so you can move with ease and confidence. Dancemania provide a wide selection of gymnastics leotards, and if you’ve ever pondered the question of what to wear under your leotard but felt a little embarrassed to ask, they also have this blog post, revealing all.