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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ethical Cork Shoes by Po-Zu

Have you ever considered cork shoes? If not, why not, cork is the new leather. Not only does it look good but cork, which is the bark of the Cork Oak tree is harvested without harming the tree and is then replaced by another layer, making it both renewable and sustainable. Whilst leather is natural and bio degradable, the rearing of livestock has a significant impact on the environment and the toxic chemicals used in tanning are damaging to the environment and the health of the workers and people living nearby. Synthetic alternatives are also damaging to the environment for a number of reasons.

Po-Zu make some great cork shoes which are amazingly comfortable, with a coconut mattress and  latex sole, so natural and non toxic that you can lick them (if that's your thing) and hand made in ethical factories in Portugal. We love their quirky style combined with practicality for everyday wear. If cork just doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe Po-Zu also have a great selection of eco friendly shoes including hemp sandals, vegan shoes and boots.