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Friday, July 30, 2010

Stylish Shoes at Marks and Spencer

Shoes are becoming a huge part of our everyday fashion wardrobes lately, so much more than they used to be that almost every girl and woman around is starting to convert to something a lot more stylish, from the high-flying women who run busy offices down to the yummy mummys pushing toddlers and strollers around. Retail giant Marks and Spencer have recently designed and brought to life a huge range of simply gorgeous, stylish shoes in an assortment of colours and styles and heels galore!

Unfortunately, the statement "if it's flat it's not good-looking or trendy" is quite true, which isn't a problem for many of us who live in heels all the time, but for those who really want to look great whilst just being out and about even at the supermarket, heels are now the way forward. From the popular court shoe for the office to the platform peep-toe slingback sandals, it seems that Marks and Spencer have got them all!

Sandals of all kinds are really on-trend right now, so it's best to invest in a pair that you can wear with plenty of outfits such as the Ghillie Lace Platform Sandals- quite a large heel, but in a stunning khaki-green colour with light brown heels which would look great with any summer dress, white skirts (so on-trend as well!), and even skinny and ankle-length jeans! A great shoe we are seeing more of is the Asymmetric Cuff shoes, and Marks and Spencer happen to have a really cute pair in black and pink- perfect for those summer evening parties! A great sandal which would look fantastic with any nautical items recently purchased are the Limited Collection Double Cross Strap Platforms, as would the Autograph Leather Cage Platform Shoes in the white. If heels aren't your thing, then there is a stunning pair of Snake Skin Print Wedges- just check out Marks and Spencer's new range as soon as you can and make yourself look super-stylish!