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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's in Fashion- Draped Dresses

We have looked at quite a few different types of dresses in our What's in Fashion week, but they have had such a huge impact in the world of fashion that it really is extremely stylish to be seen out and about in any type of dress! Today's type are the elegantly sexy draped dresses, which can truly make you look like a goddess when wearing one. They have been quite popular this spring/summer season as they are so easy to wear due to the flattering shape and comfortable silhouette in such an elegant way. Draped dresses are becoming an extremely popular choice of dress lately as they can be really great at doing what almost every woman wants... they hide the tummy area, but depending on the style of the dress and where the 'drapes' fall. Not only do they hide the tummy, but also all your other lumps and bumps such as chunky legs, big bottoms and large breasts.

This type of dress in particular is more often worn as an evening or party dress as they are so elaborate and elegant, and even walking around a shopping centre in a dress which looks as though you simply draped a scarf around your body could raise a few more eyebrows than desired, unlike a maxi-dress or simple sundress. However, when you wear a dress as beautifully designed as these, you will find that you will need to wear hardly any accessories as the dress itself will speak the beauty for you!

It was famous designer label Burberry who started off the trend of the draped dress with their last spring/summer collection, and they presented a variety of dresses and draped skirts in stunning pastel colours. Of course, not long after nearly every celebrity was seen wearing one at all the red carpet events and then seen on every fashion magazine cover. So if you have an upcoming party or social event, a draped dress is highly recommended as a fabulous, stylish head-turner, and you can begin your search for one at Britain's most elegant high-street retailer, Marks and Spencer!