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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are Ankle Socks The New Tights?

Women's fashion trends are constantly moving forward so quickly that by the time you have saved up for the new 'it' thing, it's straight out of fashion and something else takes its place! In this case, some of us are barely getting used to wearing long jumpers over nothing but a pair of tights, but now it seems that the tights are to be replaced with socks! Socks with sandals are really on-trend right now as the look has been seen on several catwalk shows as part of the new autumn/winter trends this year. And it's not necessarily knee-lengths or over-the-knees- fashion's top trend setter Alexa Chung has recently been seen out and about wearing a cute check shirt-dress with ankle-length blue 'school-style' socks with black ballet pumps- and of course looks utterly stylish in them!

World famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs has proved to be a huge fan of the new trend when he featured them on several models during his previous autumn/winter show. The calves and ankles are going to be the main target lengths to make your dress, skirt, or cropped trousers look stylish, combined with almost any type of shoe- sandals, courts, ballet pumps, etc. This is a look which is going to be extremely difficult to accomplish, and it's important to get it right first time. To do this, the idea is to keep it casual- not to be tried if your legs really aren't your best asset, but if you have thick ankles only this could be a good way to disguise them- as long as you stick to darker colours.

The 'shoes and socks' look is extremely popular in Japanese street style, and an excellent place to buy your first super-stylish socks is the online site Tabio, a Japanese company. They feature almost every possible pair you can imagine in an assortment of designs, patterns, and colours to get your imagination racing! This really is the best place to start looking, and they feature men's as well to keep the other half happy about your latest trend!