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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is Camel the new black?

Camel, by all accounts, is not the most exciting of colours. It’s the sort of yellowy beige you casually skim by on the sales rack- not quite the vibrant and seductive mustard of a tartan skirt or the enticingly-neutral-slightly creamy off-white of that “go-with-everything” blouse. Camel is just, well, the colour of camels. A pleasant but unexciting yellow. And not a cutesy lemon sorbet at that, nor a scorching banana colour either. Just yellow.

But look in your wardrobe, admire the pieces you have admired, pondered over, snatched up guiltily and adored in the last twelve months. How many of them are nude, or blush, or creamy-pink? Two years ago such a colour would have been laughed at and shoved aside as we rushed towards the promising delights of fuchsia and magenta. But nude was stubborn. Nude was unassuming; the underdog of the colour palette, waiting for its moment of glory. Until it finally came in a flurry of lilac and pinky-beige- who would have expected such a fuss over such a girly, mousey colour?

Perhaps camel will have the same effect. Not screaming or drawing attention to itself like a cocky, loud-speaking salesman, but waiting quietly in the background, like a shy gentleman until you finally, shocked by your own admission, utter “oh my, what a lovely colour.”

But how to wear this elusive colour? Vogue suggests a camel-coloured coat reminiscent of something my Mum used to adore in the 90s (hey, what goes around comes around). Apparently the coat is to become the new IT bag, and like camel itself, the coat is being plucked from obscurity into the limelight. For most of us the coat is something we search high and low for to find the perfect one, but sooner or later find ourselves cursing it as we put it on day in, day out during a particularly cold winter. But this winter is the year of the IT coat, the statement coat. Autumn Winter 2010 is the season of the underdog, the unappreciated but still glorious.

Both camel and the coat reinforce the idea of a back-to-basics idea on the catwalk. While there are still remnants of the futuristic trend with silvery metallics and bright tangerines, but most of Autumn Winter dressing this year is about a classic look- womanly shapes, simple neutral tans and browns and greys. Pretty details override bright, pretentious colours- beautiful military-style buttons on a simple black coat, hints of faux fur on the collar of a simple-looking jacket transforming it into something entirely new.

The best thing about camel is that it does actually go with everything. It is daunting to add a new and on-trend colour into your wardrobe, but if it is the year to replace your winter coat (I don’t know about you but I get a new one every other winter) a camel cape or short coat will be the way to go and will get you through the next few winters. The other great thing about it is, like the nude explosion, the high street will be awash with camel-coloured garments, bags and shoes in the new few weeks so whatever your budget you’ll be able to grab something new without breaking the bank and still be bang on trend. Just no spitting, please.