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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Po-Zu Ethical Footwear AW10

For the first time Po-Zu’s entire Autumn-Winter shoe collection is online. The collection of natural and ethically produced footwear with a topsy-turvy theme is displayed on Po-zu.com.

Warm in even the coldest weather, Po-Zu winter shoes are also breathable. This is achieved by lining them with bio-based materials, which are naturally thermal, such as unbleached and undyed pure felt wool and vegetable tanned sheepskin. This season Po-Zu also treats tweed, felt and sheepskin shoes with an eco-friendly water-resistant coating. Waxed suede shoes are treated with coconut shoe cream to improve water resistance.

The women’s Piper boot is a new, taller version of the old favourite style Pep. With lacing at the back, the shaft become fully adjustable to provide a snug, perfect fit. The vegetarian Joy and Yew styles now come in elegant mixed-colour tweeds with fine blotched-pattern.

As for the men’s range, there is a new Chelsea boot called Che,that has a unique elasticated gusset moulded in natural latex, embossed with the repeat pattern of the Po-Zu butterfly. It’s a refreshing alternative to the typical synthetic woven elastic and is also longer lasting. Technically speaking, the entire range comes with the Butterfly Suspension Mechanism at the heel; it softens the impact as the foot hits the ground. Sandwiched between the sole and the inner-sock lies Po-Zu’s unique coconut fiber ‘foot-mattress’. This dream mattress gradually moulds to the shape of your feet, making them feel incredibly rested.

Po-Zu was launched in 2006 with the aim of setting new standards in ecological and ethical footwear manufacturing. Its shoes are made from carefully selected natural materials that are healthy for your feet, safe for all the workers throughout the supply chain, and kind to the environment. By stitching all the components together, Po-Zu avoids harmful glues, making its shoes more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable.

The brand’s other prime purpose is to provide maximum comfort. The experience of walking or even standing in Po-Zu shoes is absolute pleasure. Thanks to its unique ‘foot-mattress’ feet feel incredibly rested. The coir ‘foot-mattress’ also provides great air circulation to keep feet dry, and good insulation from both hot and cold climates. Po-Zu’s original shoebox was nominated for the UK Green Awards 2006, for best packaging.

The biodegradable coconut box can be used as trays to grow seeds. As the plant grows, the entire packaging can be planted into the ground where it eventually decomposes into the earth. Following its commitment to produce products that are as non-toxic as possible, Po-Zu launched in 2007 a shoe cream that is so safe it can be eaten. Apart from treating leather, the Edible Shoe Cream is also an all-in-one beauty product that can be used as a lip balm, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, massage oil and cooking oil. It can even be spread on toast for a nutritious snack.
Check it out on http://www.po-zu.com/