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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Shopping Forecast Goes Social

The Shopping Forecast has relaunched as an interactive social fashion site with exciting new features and competitions for forward thinking fashion lovers.

The Shopping Forecast first launched as a fashion democracy which allows members to vote on what new fashion they would like to see in the shops for the season ahead. It is now even easier and more fun for users to vote on, share, discuss and make outfits with key pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories for the season ahead. It also has new user profiles to allow members to follow and gain inspiration from others on the style electorate and plan their wardrobe for the coming season.

From the beginning of February, the site will be holding some exciting fashion competitions that give anyone the chance to try their hand at being a stylist by making outfits for the season ahead. The new users profiles will also allow members of the electorate to earn points for participating on the site. The most active members of the community will be rewarded with a place on the leader board and the chance to exchange their points for new clothes each season.

The Shopping Forecast is a unique forum for women with a strong interest in fashion and the desire to anticipate and shape the trends for the season ahead. It will provide a link between shoppers and professional retail buyers and help to ensure that the shops are filled with the styles that shoppers want to buy.

Site founder Matthew Murfin commented “we are delighted to have been able to implement some of the feedback given by some of our users to make the Shopping Forecast even more social and interactive. I think that it will now be a really useful resource for people wanting to get fashion inspiration for the season ahead”. was launched in September 2010 by Matthew Murfin with the aim of providing detailed quantitative data for fashion retail buyers as a solution to the problem of predicting trends for the season ahead. The site will provide data on style and colour preferences for women’s clothing by a wide range of parameters including age, geographic location, profession, income and other metrics. The site will not share any data on individuals with third parties.

The site aims to empower consumers of fashion, and provide accurate, actionable forecast data for professional retail buyers, to both enhance returns and reduce waste. will also provide a fun and interactive social network where users can share and discuss there favourite items as well as discovering what others think of what will be a hit, or not, in next season's fashions.