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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get Katy Perry's Cartoon Style

Katy Perry always manages to grab our attention from her cartoon style Smurf dress and matching Smurf nails for the recent Smurf premier to her Tweets about the ins and outs of her life and much speculated about wedding to husband Russell Grant.

I love Katy Perry's sense of fun that really comes across in both her personality and sense of style. Don't you sometimes feel that life gets to serious? What better way to lighten things up a bit than with a cute Smurf dress. OK Katy Perry had good reason to wear a dress emblazoned with the retro favourite Smurfette, as she was promoting her new newest movie, but seriously I would wear this dress out to perhaps a party or even a festival.

I haven't managed to find a Smurfette dress yet, but I have found these cartoon inspired designs on Sense of Fashion by a New York based designer. What do you think?

Perhaps they might come across as a bit crazy but for me it makes a refreshing change to the bland colours and minimalist looks that I see everywhere that I turn. What do you think?

For those that aren't quite brave enough to make such a bold statement, but want to add a fun twist to their outfits, cartoon nails have got to be the way to go. Katy is quite used to make a statement with her nails, for the Royal Wedding, she had pictures of Will and Kate emblazoned on her nails. To accessorise her Smurf dress, it seemed fitting that she try a bit of Smurf nail art.

I found this great You Tube Tutorial on how you can create your own amazing Surf nails!